Wild Child

Her mother called her a space cadet. She was a quiet girl, eternally lost in the astronomical universe of her thoughts and desires. The delicate keys of the piano were her most trusted confidant and the melody resonating within its strings wordlessly deciphered the storm that raged within the young girl’s heart.  

Every day was a merciless battle against a cold-blooded battalion of oppressive thoughts that weighed upon her delicate soul like mountainous rocks stacked upon bread. Her heart possessed an insatiable appetite for something she couldn’t quite place her finger on, but she realized that her hunger could never be satisfied within this city. For as long as she lingered here, she would feel like the disfigured piece of a puzzle.  

So she packed her bags and embarked upon a journey, with no destination in sight. She hoped that time might someday divulge the purpose for her existence. The years flew on by, picking up tempo like the forcefully perilous winds of a twister, wrecking havoc on her fragile heart and body. Despite this, her bones and spirit refused to break and she courageously crusaded through the legions of heartbreaking revelations that life maliciously imposed upon her. Her name was Warrior, and that’s what she became. 
Although she had traded the vast Texas planes for the luxuriant landscapes of Northern California, she was in every sense of the word, a Texan, and that’s the blood that vigorously coursed through her veins. Life’s countless adversities grew a heavy armor around her once fragile heart and the struggles she endured inspired a feisty, vigorous, and sprightly spirit to awaken within her.
Still she found that words were limiting, and peace existed atop the summits of mountains. So she set out to spend the rest of her life climbing them so that she could look back and see how far she had come. Over time the wilderness bared to her the verity of who she was; and she desired to run freely and swiftly like the wild horses that occupied the lands.
So she accepted the unspoken challenge of the mountains.   
written by Kelly-Alicia

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